PIP Pearl Program

Have access to all Sapphire Level

Discovery Session (A personal One on One) 

Strategy Session (A personal One on One)

Weekly Legacy Think Tank Call 

PIP Women Rock EBook of Affirmations

PIP Ruby Program

Access to Sapphire and Pearl level

Financial Journal

Master Class*

Week 1 Introduction

Define Legacy Unconscious/Conscious

Legacy Mapping/Creating a Plan

Week 2 Investment Insight: Re-Positioning Your Money/Good Bye Debt    

Week 3 Investment Insight: Understanding Your Credit

Week 4 Investment Insight: Estate Planning

Week 5 Real Estate

Week 6 Legacy Planning

Creating the Mission Statement: Personal/Family/Business/Legacy

Review and Rewriting our Legacy Map

Round Table Discussion Review two weeks later and accountable Partners

Extras: Tea Event in New York City or the closest city to all PIP Rudy

*The master class Does Not replace the Weekly Legacy Think Tank Call

To be place on the wait list please email us at KimSu@pipwomenrock,com

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